The four-star Qubus hotel is a unique place in the heart of Gdansk, ideal for both business travelers and those who wish to spend a relaxing holiday here. The Qubus Hotel is known not only for its comfort, but also for its special approach to guest service. In the summer season it offers unique attractions, including free boat cruises on the beautiful Motlawa River. This is an excellent opportunity to see Gdansk from a different perspective and enjoy the charms of summer days. Each room has been carefully designed to provide guests with an unforgettable experience. All rooms are equipped with minibars, allowing guests to enjoy their favorite beverages in a comfortable atmosphere. Our company took care of the production, delivery and installation of hardwood furniture (desks, headrests, cabinets and minibars). Qubus Hotel is not only a place to stay, it is also a space where luxury and functionality meet hospitality.