Dear Clients, Partners, Co-operators and Suppliers,
the spread of the Covid-19 virus presents us with difficult challenges and decisions. On behalf of the board of the company sp.z o.o. and “Tossi” sp.z o.o. we would like to inform you that we are approach this topic with great care. We have introduced a whole range of solutions aimed at counteracting the effects of Coronavirus: from cleaning products, limiting the number of foreign installations and moving some staff to work remotely at home.
For years, we have invested in IT solutions for the mobile work option and we took care of the stability and financial security of the company. Today, we believe that these activities will allow us to safely go through this difficult period, to the benefit of not only our clients and broadly understood cooperations, but also for our employees and all families whose fate is connected with our company.
Both our production plants, in Toruń and in Olsztyn / Słupy, carry out orders without issues. All the orders open for the coming months should guarantee us stable operation system and safety while going through the period of economic slowdown, which seems inevitable.